Enriching the lives of emotionally
or medically fragile children
and their families


Eligibility is based solely on a child’s current diagnosis. The diagnosis can be medical (heart conditions etc.) or psychological (mood or behavior disorders etc.). Income is not factored in to eligibility.


Care Managers work together as a team with children/youth and their families to make sure they receive the care and services they need to stay healthy. A care manager assesses the individual’s and family’s needs and develops a person-centered plan of care. Actionable goals are determined, and the care manager provides the family with other available resources.


A day program for children who can’t go to school due to their complex medical or emotional needs. Day Hab gives a child the chance to work on all types of abilities such as self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills. Activities are designed to foster greater independence, community inclusion and relationship building.


We help your child meet their personal goals with customized attention. Following a service plan developed with you, our trained staff will work one on one building the identified skills. With this extra support, your child can grow in the area they need it most, be it medical, behavioral, or emotional.


Empowering parents to support their child and make it work. We provide the education and guidance on general childhood issues as well as those specific to the child's condition.


Let’s free up some of your time and give you a much needed break! Respite provides short term relief for the family and allows the caregiver the ability to support the child’s developmental and health care needs. Our staff will watch your child in your home or in the community (i.e. library, day camp).

Ezra Care and You

NY Ezra Care provides exceptionally individualized services as per the needs and expectations of the children and their families. We provide that extra support these children and their families need. Quality and excellence are a given at NY Ezra Care. We encourage, motivate and create improved outcomes for the individuals we serve. Flexibility and comfort is key. You set the time and place.

NY Ezra Care aims at not only giving medically/emotionally fragile children the care and extra support they require but also helping them reach their potential. Our programs provide flexible support options for the children we serve and their families.

Eligible Conditions:

  •   PTSD
  •   Behavior Disorders
  •   Mood Disorders
  •   Heart Conditions
  •   Chronic Medical Conditions
  •   Anxiety

Ezra Care Services:

  •   Community Habilitation
  •   Respite
  •   Day Habilitation
  •   Family Supports & Services
  •   Care Management

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